Accessibility in our stores

Accessibility solutions:

There are some very simple solutions for making a store more accessible and incorporating these into your business can generate almost instant positive results.

Store entrances – steps are probably the biggest problem for disabled customers looking to enter a store. Installing a ramp, adding hand rails and considering an external platform lift that creates a separate entrance for disabled visitors are all simple solutions that require very little structural disruption.

Moving around in store – escalators have become commonplace for stores that reach across multiple floors. For someone in a wheelchair or with balance issues, the escalator is an impractical prospect. Internal platform lifts can accommodate wheelchairs, walkers and provide a stable, safer alternative for people with mobility problems.

Store exits – accidents happen often on staircases, particularly if they are being used in a rush or with lots of bags to carry. Provide a store exit that has ramps instead of stairs and – if possible – offers space for disabled parking so that customers who have lots of purchases can deposit them straight into the car. Make sure exits are well lit and suitably designed to allow for a flow of foot traffic, as well as wheelchairs.

It’s not that difficult to adapt a store to take better account of accessibility considerations. From ramps to platform lifts, there are numerous options that will make your space more attractive to the disabled customer market.

To improve accessibility within a store, here are our top tips

  • Remove unnecessary stock and other clutter
  • Add ramps in place of steps
  • Widen walkways
  • Train staff to develop the confidence and knowledge to engage with disabled customers
  • Ensure you have high light resources to improve visibility of hazards for the visually impaired

By implementing positive changes that remove barriers for your disabled customers, you can improve customer loyalty, increase profits and therefore build a positive reputation.

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